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Pleasants Paving is an Equal Opportunity Employer, always seeking qualified, energetic job candidates to join our team!

We provide the best equipment for our employees to utilize including new trucks, loaders, dozers and paving machines.

Here you find just a sampling of job descriptions that are frequently available. Please note the details in each description are general statements, intended to be only a broad overview of what each position entails. For more specific information regarding a particular opening, please feel free to contact us directly at 301.662.8211 or contact Ron Johnikin, Vice President of Field Operations at 301.662.8211 Ext. 1435 or

Employment applications are available in English and Español when applying for the positions below.

CDL Drivers
Drivers are responsible for transporting goods, asphalt and equipment from one place to another using heavy or tractor-trailer trucks. Primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to: loading and unloading cargo, driving while following all applicable traffic laws, etc.


Dump Truck Drivers

Responsible for driving vehicles to transport and dump loose materials. Primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to: Operating levers, turn cranks, etc. to dump contents of truck body. Utilize hand and foot controls to manipulate vehicle to free materials as well as loading and unloading of trucks.


Class A&B Drivers

Class A Drivers are authorized to drive a wide variety of vehicles and tow any trailer. Class B Drivers are authorized to operate vehicles weighing 26,000 lbs or more and tow trailers 10,000 lbs or less.



All welders/fabricators will be responsible for a variety of welding duties including, but not limited to, using specific welding equipment, operation of a variety of cutting torches, hand tools, slings and grinders.


Equipment Operators

Equipment Operators are responsible for operating heavy equipment in a safe and effective manner. Duties include, but aren’t limited to proper utilization of equipment, routine maintenance, inspection and upkeep of equipment, clear construction area of debris and other materials.


Project Managers

Pleasants Paving’s Project Managers are charged with planning, budgeting and overseeing all aspects of specific paving projects. Responsibilities include, but not limited to working closely with management and client, keeping the project on schedule as well as interacting with workers to ensure job is performed accurately, on time and within budget.


Paving Crew Members

Members must by hand or machine, melt, spread and smooth asphalt. Responsibilities include but not limited to placing asphalt into tanks or hoppers, monitor melting equipment temperature settings, apply product either manually or with the help of equipment such as steamrollers, etc.



Pleasants Paving’s mechanics are expected to have an overall knowledge and skill set to inspect, repair, fabricate, rebuild and maintain company vehicles and equipment. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to maintenance and repair of vehicle fleet, asphalt equipment, repairing and replacement of broken and damaged parts, etc.



Job Foremen are tasked with direct, onsite supervision of Pleasants Paving employees working on a specific project. Exceptional time management and leadership skills are crucial in the successful performance of this position.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to creation and delegation of job duties, employee performance follow-up, budget management and maintaining a positive team environment.



Flaggers are implemented to control entering and exiting job site vehicles as well as ensuring the safe flow of motorist traffic through the area. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to communicating direction to site workers, directing both job and public traffic through the worksite as well as ensuring all safety measures are being acknowledged.



A variety of laborers are utilized to perform a variety of jobs and tasks ranging from general physical work, job site cleaning duties, as well as carrying out miscellaneous orders that may arise throughout a given shift.



Estimators prepare pricing quotes by analyzing the scope of work required. Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to gathering proposals and documents, identifying material, labor and timeframe requirements, as well as post work reporting.


Crew Leaders

Crew Leaders are experienced asphalt workers capable of directing, instructing and overseeing Paving Crew Members. Responsibilities included but aren’t limited to apply asphalt, monitoring and operating equipment and providing guidance to other team members.


Tack Driver

Tack Drivers are utilized to drive vehicles in a very precise manner in order to ensure accurate application of product to roads, highways and parking lots. Responsibilities include but are not limited to setting and operating spray bars, maintaining equipment and performing continuous inspections of asphalt applications.


Sweeper Driver

Sweeper Drivers operate vehicles and machinery to clean areas pre and post asphalt application.  Responsibilities include but are not limited to disposal of curb debris, cleaning of work area as well as any other duties delegated from Job Foreman or Crew Leader.


Administrative Personnel

Various Administrative Personnel are expected to support senior level office personnel. Responsibilities include but are not limited to preparing reports, answering correspondence, creating presentations as well as carrying out any other assigned clerical duties.



Dispatch personnel are utilized to schedule employees, equipment and service vehicles to specific job sites. Responsibilities include but are not limited to relaying work orders, conveying information to workers, addressing scheduling conflicts as well as planning and coordinating logistic resources for all jobs.



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