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Testimonial – Mike Moss, Pine Ridge Drive - September 13, 2015

“Back around the 21st of May, HoCo personnel repaved Boones Lane (off Rt 40, right near the salt storage facility, and the ACE Hardware store). First, it was a well-done paving job, smooth as silk now, on a road that was clearly showing its age.

But, what really impressed me, was the friendly care of the crew.

Near the end of Boones (closer to 40) this lady to the east side of the street does a very nice job of keeping her property well-maintained. This is the far back corner of her property, and even outside some screen pines that she has. Why she tends so nicely to this, I really don’t know, but I’m glad she does, because it always looks nice. Well, your team managed to re-pave Boones without so much as touching her marigolds. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t see them paving, it all happened while I was at work. But, as I drove in, I couldn’t help (while admiring our newly paved road) to see those flowers, all in good shape.

I couldn’t imagine how those folks managed that heavy equipment so well.

I was so impressed, that I stopped at the next road, got out of my car, walked back, and took a few pictures.

At the closest point, the paving isn’t 12 inches from those flowers. That’s pretty impressive.

This didn’t happen by accident. This happened because the team tending to Boones Lane that day cared. They cared enough to be careful, and respect this lady’s flowers. It would have been easy enough to say “Hey, well, sorry, … it’s a tough job, not much space to maneuver, big gear… you know…nothing we could do”. And, the truth is, most folks would have probably said “Yeah, that makes sense. Oh well”. But, your guys didn’t take that mindset. They watched what they were doing, probably took some extra time, and clearly made the decision to be thoughtful and respectful of the work this lady had done.

I thought that their attitude deserved some recognition.

My thanks to your team for their thoughtful spirit and their professionalism.”

-Mike Moss, Pine Ridge Drive