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We Make The Asphalt

Pleasants Paving is one of the area’s largest manufacturer of asphalt. Save money by cutting out the middleman — purchase directly from us.

We Provide The Asphalt

Pleasants Paving provides asphalt to a wide variety of contractors throughout the Maryland area — at extremely affordable rates.

We Install The Asphalt

Pleasants Paving installs asphalt for large and small projects, from highway projects to parking lots. We provide turnkey solutions for your job.

Pleasants Paving Gets You Where You Need To Go

Our highways, roads, interstates and thoroughfares are synonymous with progress. Everyday, millions of commuters travel these asphalt arteries to arrive at work, school, the grocery store, doctor’s appointments and family functions.

Without quality asphalt, installed with diligent care, these valuable beltways, boulevards and expressways wouldn’t exist.

Here at Pleasants Paving, we understand the importance of creating and maintaining the roadways that keep our lives moving forward.