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Pleasants Paving Featured In Hagerstown Magazine - January 13, 2016

Where The Rubber Meets The Road

Everyday Frederick and Washington County travelers tread all over this product, never giving it a second thought and that’s ok as far as Pleasant Paving’s Rick Centra is concerned: “Honestly, we know the public rarely, if ever, gives asphalt any consideration. After all, asphalt is a product that attracts little attention unless it’s broken.” This comment produces a slight chuckle from Centra, Director of Pleasants Companies, LLC, a soft spoken but passionate man.

“We don’t mind much that the product itself doesn’t get much recognition from the public at large. I’m aware we’re providing a commodity and service that John Q. Public can’t easily compare with something similar. It’s not a cheeseburger versus cheeseburger type thing. But for those in the know, and I’m talking about local municipalities, government highway workers and large commercial jobs, Pleasants Paving is recognized as the region’s quality provider of hot-mix asphalt.”

Pleasants Paving was established in 2013 to take over the operations of Richard F. Kline, Inc., a business with a long, prosperous history in Frederick, Maryland going back to 1941. “When you take the amazing lineage of Kline and the forward thinking of a dedicated group of site development specialists like Pleasants, you’ve created something really special. The marriage of our high-quality asphalt, produced locally at our Frederick facility, and the expertise that Pleasants brings to the table, this combination provides a real value to our clients. Local and state governments as well as larger private businesses now have access to a complete turnkey provider.”

Interestingly enough, however, Centra feels there is a tremendously positive byproduct to all of this asphalt creation, delivery and installation—the impact Pleasants Paving has on the local economy. “The creation of Pleasants Paving has provided tremendous opportunities for those seeking gainful employment. Pleasants Paving owns and maintains one of the largest fleets of new trucks, loaders, dozers, paving machines and modern equipment locally in use. We’re always looking for professional employees that have the skills to help us grow.”

“Additionally, we also have the opportunity to subcontract with minority and small business company owners. The amount of paving projects we find ourselves accepting, both large and small, has really opened up an avenue to help other businesses get involved and grow along with us. Job openings and details on how to get involved can be found on our new website,”

Centra believes very strongly Pleasants Paving’s most important assets are the employees themselves. “You can have the greatest widget in the world, in our case, it’s hot-mix asphalt, but the truth is you need to have a dedicated, skilled workforce in order to truly be successful. Fortunately the Washington and Frederick County area has a pool of extremely talented candidates eager to put their skills into action.”

When asked what makes a career with Pleasants Paving so special, Rick smiles broadly, hardly able to contain his enthusiasm. “We’re a company that really cares about the local workforce. Sadly, things are quite different today than they were say twenty, thirty years ago. Back then, employers understood the value of keeping a team together and how important it was to the overall success of a business. Today, unfortunately, companies tend to put more emphasis on the bottom line, failing to focus on the never-ending carousel of employee turnover. We’ve always believed employees are an investment—in fact the biggest investment we ever undertake. It doesn’t matter if you’re a truck driver, welder, paving crew member, foreman or administrative assistant—here we believe in nurturing and advancing the skill set of everyone who has joined the team.”

“Ask anyone on the Pleasants Paving team and they’ll tell you, it’s more than a steady paycheck and the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art equipment, both of those of course are included, but more importantly we treat our employees as much more than simply a number on a ledger. They are the lifeblood that keeps our company moving forward.”