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Pleasants Paving believes that everyone benefits from a safe and healthy work environment. We are committed to maintaining a work environment that is consistent with applicable laws and regulations governing workplace safety. We promote an attitude toward accident prevention and insist upon safe work practices and conditions in our offices and jobsites.

In order to promote our ongoing commitment to safety, we have an in-house Safety Department staffed with seasoned professionals. Our Safety Department includes several full time employees who have received specialized training and numerous certifications. Our Safety Team constantly monitors, assesses and improves our safety practices. Passionate, engaged and involved are all words that best describe the mindset of our award winning Safety Team.

Training and communication are critical elements to our ongoing Safety Program. We conduct tool box talk sessions at our job sites as well as holding formal safety meetings monthly at our training center. Our employees receive training, continuing education and ongoing support from our Safety Team. We believe that knowledge is power and will enhance our ability to facilitate a successful, ongoing Safety Program.

Pleasants Paving provides all employees with the necessary personal protective equipment. We also provide mechanical and physical safeguards to the maximum extent possible. Our safety personnel are highly experienced and have the necessary expertise to conduct meaningful observations.

We believe that safety is accomplished by a proactive teamwork approach. At every level, we empower employees to report any potential unsafe condition to a Supervisor or directly to our Safety Department. We believe that by reinforcing an attitude for safety consciousness, Pleasants Paving may mitigate or eliminate the risk of worksite accidents.